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Some fun, educational websites for scholars!

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Websites with a little bit of everything

  • Purpose Games -- a lot of really great educational games, most of which deal with Geography and worldwide social issues.
  • Sporcle has tons of quizzes and trivia.
  • Quiz hub has lots of quiz games to help you practice everything from Spanish to Chemistry.
  • Free Rice Develop your vocabulary through quizzes while getting the site's advertisers to donate to the World Food Programme.
  • It's My Life -- games and articles for middle schoolers from PBS.
  • A+ Research and Writing -- learn how to write great papers.
  • Learning Adventures -- explore history, science, and more!
  • FactMonster -- Homework help, cool facts, and more!
  • Teen Area

Arts, Crafts and Music

  • Craft Zine -- a good source for DIY projects and crafts.
  • Feel like a trip to the museum? Google Art Project Allows you to go to tons of art museums --on the internet!
  • Balloon Art -- Learn how to twist balloons into animals and shapes, and see other people's balloon art.
  • Exploring Leonardo -- Learn about Leonardo da Vinci, the famous artist and inventor.


  • Drive of your Life -- A game where you can explore your career options while building a custom car.


  • A book a minute -- quick and hilarious versions of classic books.
  • Fun with words -- "dedicated to amusing quirks, peculiarities, and oddities of the English language: wordplay."





  • Khan Academy has a ton of videos and games with clear explanations of everything mathematical.
  • Vi Hart makes YouTube videos about awesome mathematical doodles.
  • Middle School Math Games at Play online basketball, jeopardy, pirate, and board games while brushing up on your math skills!
  • Math Apprentice -- In this game, you can use graphs to design roller coasters, trigonometry to create animations, and statistics to run a bakery.
  • -- gazillions of puzzles. Some of them are pretty easy, but some of them are pretty tricky! You can print them out, but you can also play a lot of them online.
  • Math in Daily Life -- Yup! Math can actually be useful. This site talks about how you can use it for cooking, decorating, and other cool things.
  • Brain Bashers has brain teasers, puzzles, and optical illusions galore.
  • Abacus -- learn about the history and art of this ancient bead calculator.
  • Math and Money from FactMonster. Everything from Addition and Subtraction to Factorials and Square Roots to how ships measure the ocean.


  • Love Your Dog -- learn how to take good care of your dog
  • ZooBorns -- adorable baby animals you wish were your pets!


Technology and Engineering

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