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Tap In uses a special classification system to organize all the books in its library. Here's how it works:


An example Call Number

Operation Redwood is a book about and Asian American boy who, after assembling a team of friends, saves a grove of redwood trees from his nasty uncle's careless plans. A good call number would be:


This means that it's a book for Middle schoolers about the Environment written by French. If a cataloger thinks that more scholars would be drawn to the book by its discussion of the protagonists' Asian American identity than its environmental themes, they could use the following call number instead:


First Letter

Please note that these are only recommendations. Many books are suitable for scholars of all ages, and there are no rules against scholars reading or checking out books from a different age group

  • E: Elementary School
  • M: Middle School
  • H: High School

  • P: Parenting, no second letter needed
  • R: Reference, no second letter needed
  • V: Volunteers and staff, no second letter needed

Second Letter

  • A: Asia; Asian culture, geography, and history; Asian-American Culture, Manga. Asian-American History can go under U.
  • B: Africa; African culture, geography and history; African-American Culture. African-American History can go under U.
  • C: Activities, crafts, visual arts, cooking, food
  • D: (Dis)ability; class Deaf culture under K
  • E: Environment, Nature

  • F: Fiction and literature, if they doesn't fit into any other category; poetry (except spoken word poetry, which goes under M
  • G: Religion, philosophy, inspirational
  • H: World History (See U for U.S. History)
  • I: School life, social and interpersonal issues, bullying, advice for teens and kids
  • J: Classics

  • K: Other cultural groups
  • L: Latin@ culture, Latin American history (See U for Latin@ history in the U.S.)
  • M: Music, Dance, Movies, performance arts
  • N: Crime, safety, prison system
  • O: General activism, entrepreneurship, business, dreaming big

  • P: Middle East, Central Asia.
  • Q: Gender, Women, Feminism, LGBTQ
  • R: Europe; European culture, history and geography
  • S: Sports
  • T: Family, home

  • U: U.S. and Canadian History and Geography; Politics and government
  • V: Native American culture and history
  • W: Health, pregnancy
  • X: Science, technology, computers, math, puzzles, mind teasers
  • Y: Languages (incl. English and Spanish), Grammar

  • Z: Truly random things that will fit nowhere else

Second line

This should be a person's family name or the first word in the name of the series, whichever is more likely to be recognized. If there is neither a clear author nor a clear series name, you can put the first word in the book's title here.

Be subjective!

This classification system is intentionally vague, and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. This collection is not necessarily for scholars doing research on one given topic, so try to group books with similar appeal together, even if there subjects are only vaguely related.

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