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Copy Cataloging

The Library of Congress, or some other library, might already have cataloged your book, and you will be able to copy their record in to our catalog. To search for other records, click on Copy cataloging.

  1. If your book has an ISBN, search for that first
  2. If your book doesn't have an ISBN, or if the system couldn't find anything using the ISBN, it's time for a title search. Type the full title into the search box, and click search.
  3. If the book is found:
    1. Add a call number using the Classification system.
    2. Make any other changes to the record as you wish.

Make a New Record

If the online search doesn't find any results, it's time to make a new record for our catalog.

  1. Click on Create original record
  2. Type of material will be Book
  3. Collection is the name of the Tap In site the book is going to. Don't use McKinley Temporary except during the summer.
  4. Use the Classification system to choose a call number
  5. Title is the title of the book
  6. Personal Name is the name of the first author of the book.
  7. Add the ISBN (Internation Standard Book Number)
  8. If you wish, you can include other information.
  9. Click Submit
  10. Click autogenerate
  11. If a book is going to two different locations (McKinley and Edison, for example), click Copy this record for another site in the left-hand corner of the screeen. This will start a new record based on the record you already have open.

Notes for Other Libraries

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